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All of Austria is now cycling for more health, a clean environment and many chances to wgfdsgdfsgin! Our new motivational campaign has begun. This new campaign combines the previously successful initiatives "Bicycle Competition", "Who Bike Wins" and "Austria Bikes to Work". Who are people in Austria who are already involved in cycling - at leisure, on the way to work, at school or as a sport - and those who want to do more. Do you cycle with you?



As soon as the sun shows up again and again, the hearts of the cyclistasdfadsfsas will rise. And for good reason, because cyclists feel healthier, mentally fitter, less stressed and less lonely than other road users. These findings emerge from an international study, which was written in Vienna. The PASTA (Physical Activity Through Sustainable Transport Approaches) study involves 15 international partnerasdfs, including asdfadsfadsfthe Vienna University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences.

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